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Moses did not feel up to the job God had for him but God made it possible. In these six programmes discover how God equipped him to  stand up to Pharaoh then lead the Israelites out of Egypt and through the Red Sea.

1a. Introduction: explains layout of the lesson page details; how Juniors can be involved in their own meeting; how to use these studies for the Scottish Award Scheme (optional); use of Chain Prayer, Drama, and Sword Drill in a weekly meeting. There are many other varied activities which are provided in the topics.

1b.Love and Care: Bible focus - Exodus 2: 1-10  Moses was born during a troubled time in Egypt. His parents and sister, Miriam, cared for him by placing him in a water-tight basket and floating him on the river Nile. Teaching - leave all your worries with God because He cares for you.

2. It isn’t Fair! : Bible focus - Exodus 2: 11-16a  The enslaved Israelites had it tough making bricks and working for Pharaoh. Teaching - always work your best even though it is tough or doesn’t seem fair.

3. Listening to God: Bible focus - Exodus 3: 1-7, 10 and Exodus 4: 1-17  God speaks to Moses from the burning bush and equips Moses to lead His people out of Egypt.  Teaching - God can speak to us. Are we tuned to His voice?

4. Pleading with Pharaoh: Bible focus - Exodus 5: 1-9 and 7: 1-4  Moses does not feel brave enough to speak to Pharaoh to let his people leave Egypt so God sends Aaron to help him. But matters only get worse!  It takes many plagues to persuade Pharaoh. Teaching - when God asks us to do something, He will be with us through it all.

5. The Passover: Bible focus - Exodus 11: 1-8 and 12: 21-36  Moses tells Pharaoh that all first born males will die. The Israelites paint their doorposts with lamb’s blood and the angel of death passes over their houses. Teaching - the symbolism of the Jewish Passover.

6. Crossing the Red Sea: Bible focus - Exodus 14: 3-31  Moses leads the Israelites through the Red Sea and out of slavery. Teaching -  God has a plan for our lives.