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Paul has many exciting incidents in his life many of which are life threatening. In these seven programmes, discover how he was treated by those he met on his travels and what we can learn from his experiences.

1a. Introduction: explains layout of the lesson page details; how Juniors can be involved in their own meeting; how to use these studies for the Scottish Award Scheme (optional); use of Chain Prayer, Drama, and Sword Drill in a weekly meeting. There are many other varied activities which are provided in the topics.

1b. Getting to Know You: Bible focus Acts 9: 1-9  Saul sets out on his campaign to kill all Christians but is confronted by a voice and light from the sky which halts him in his tracks.  Social focus - persecution.

2. Helpful Friends: Bible focus - Acts 9: 10-25  The blinded Saul is befriended by a brave Christian, Ananias, which changes Saul completely.  Social focus - helping others.

3. Being a witness: Bible focus - Acts 13: 4-12  Paul and Barnabas meet Sergius Paulus, the Governor of Paphos, who is interested to hear what they have to say. Elymas, a magician, tries to stop them and Paul makes him blind.  Teaching - stand up for what you know is right.

4. Hero Worship: Bible focus - Acts 14: 8-20  Paul who was with Barnabas, healed a lame man and the crowds began to worship them as Greek gods. This upset Paul who said it was God who should be praised.  Teaching -  praise and thank God for the good things he has done.

5. What Must I do to be Saved? : Bible focus - Acts 16: 16-39   Paul and Silas were put in prison for  taking the evil spirit from a fortune teller.  When in prison there was an earthquake but Paul and Silas did not try to escape.  The amazed jailer talked to Paul and became a believer. Teaching - Jesus can save us from a life without hope and can forgive us for wrongdoing. Are we ready to trust Him?

6. Protection and Guidance: Bible focus - Acts 27: 1, 3, 14, 15, 18-26, 34-44 Paul sails for Rome to be tried as a Roman citizen and there is a storm on the way. Teaching - trusting God for the future and the plans He has for us.

7. Maltese Hospitality: Bible focus- Acts 28: 1-10 and  16   After the shipwreck, Paul was washed up onto the shores of Malta where the locals offered them warmth, food and clothes. Teaching - giving hospitality to others.