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These eight programmes highlight incidents in the life of Jesus  and show his different attributes and reactions and interactions with those he met.

1a.Introduction:  explains layout of the lesson page details; how Juniors can be involved in their own meeting; how to use these studies for the Scottish Award Scheme(optional); use of Chain Prayer, Drama, and Sword Drill in a weekly meeting. There are many other varied activities which are provided, some for two levels of understanding.

    1b. Jesus is worth following: Bible focus  - Mark 1: 4-11 John baptises Jesus

2. Jesus in Control:  Bible focus  - Mark 4: 35-41  Jesus calms the storm

3. Jesus the Healer:  Bible focus  - Mark 3: 1-6 Jesus heals the man with the withered hand, and Mark 7: 32-37  Jesus heals a deaf and dumb man

4. Jesus is King:  Bible focus  - Mark 11: 1-11  Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey

5. Jesus is angry:  Bible focus  - Mark 11: 15-18  Jesus clears the Temple

6. Giving to Jesus:  Bible focus  - Mark 14: 1-9  Mary anoints the feet of Jesus

7. Jesus our Saviour:  Bible focus  - Mark 15: 16-47 Good Friday

8. Jesus is alive:  Bible focus  - Mark 16: 1-8   Jesus speaks to Mary