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His impulsive nature leads him into some ups and downs. This series of seven topics highlights some the lessons he learned through his life as he comes into contact with Jesus.

1a. Introduction: explains layout of the lesson page details; how Juniors can be involved in their own meeting; how to use these studies for the Scottish Award Scheme (optional); use of Chain Prayer, Drama, and Sword Drill in a weekly meeting. There are many other varied activities  provided in the topics.

1b.The Family Man: Bible focus - Luke 4: 38 and 39 - healing of Peter’s mother-in-law)

2. Peter Obeys: Bible focus - Luke 5: 1-11 – Jesus calls four disciples

3. Peter’s Faith: Bible focus  - Matthew 14: 22-33 – Jesus walks on the water

4. Peter and Temptation: Bible focus  - Luke 22: 39-62 – arrest of Jesus and denial of Peter

5. Peter’s Discovery: Bible focus - Luke 24: 1-12 – Peter discovers Jesus has risen

6. Peter Gives What He Has: Bible focus  -  Acts 3: 1-10   Peter heals a lame beggar

7. Peter is Rescued: Bible focus - Acts 12: 1-17  Peter escapes from prison