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First Steps in Junior Christian Endeavour

Each of these Starter Programmes introduce an element for a weekly session. Progressing with new things each week may be too quick. Know your Juniors and adjust as appropriate.

1a Introduction: what you need to get a CE Group started, introducing the idea of Juniors taking part in their own meeting, an overview of the lesson titles, the teaching method used and the activity introduced

1. Bodies: games using different parts of the body,  Bible focus (1Corinthians 12: 14-28  the parts of the body), we are all different but we are all important and need to work together as a team to make the ‘body’ work properly, introducing music

2. Friends: music, Bible focus (Luke 5:17-26   the paralysed man whose friends helped him see Jesus), introducing mime, Jesus has all the characteristics of a good friend and He wants to be our friend

3. Speak to me (1): communicating games, Bible focus (Matthew 6: 6-8  advice about private prayer), introduce chain prayer

4. Books: categorising different types of books, introducing the concept of the Bible being a collection of books, introduce Sword Drill activity,

5. Promises (1): role play about keeping promises, Bible focus (Genesis 9: 8-17  God’s covenant with Noah), introduce the CE promise, introduce quiz

6. Giving: Bible focus (Matthew 25: 34-46  when you cared for the hungry and homeless you cared for Me), introduce Memory Texts  (Galatians 6:10 and Acts 20; 35b), introduce offering, craft – making gifts

7. Speak to Me (2): introduce drama, Bible focus (Acts 12: 4-17, 1Samuel 1: 19-18, 26-28 and Luke 17: 11-19  Peter is prayed for, Hannah asks for a son, and one leper gives thanks), Sword Drill, quiz, introduce ‘Benediction’

8. Spreading the Good News: Bible focus (Acts 9: 10-20  conversion of Saul), Junior tells the topic, Bible Search to find details about Saul, quiz, praise, prayers

9. Promises (2): introduce ‘order of service’, Sword Drill, ‘Bible Buzz Groups’ to discuss the Active Member’s Promise,

10. The Good News: Juniors take the meeting all on their own and include praise, Sword Drill, chain payer, offering, prayers, Bible reading, introduce a guest speaker

11. ‘Worthship’: Junior chairperson announces: quizzes, Bible focus (Genesis1: 1 – 2: 4 creation of the world), praise, offering, Bible readings (Psalm 8: 3-9 praising God’s creation and John 14: 6-9 Jesus shows us God)

12.  Group Work: introduce working in committees or ‘Groups’- the programme planning group, the lookout group, missionary group, social activity group, introduce ‘minute secretary’ and ‘convener’

13.  Where do I go now?:  become affiliated to your national CE union, take part in the Award Scheme, Annual Convention and Leaders’ Conference

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